adityasfro asked: Hi Brooke remember when I thought this blog was called aish moving her faces lightly instead of aish moving her face slightly? I just thought I should share this hahaha.

u so silly

Aishwarya Rai Face Appreciation - ‘Shabd’

Anonymous asked: I have always been a fan of Aishwarya and discovering your blog has made me an even bigger admirer of her. Thank you for this beautiful blog! I always feel happier whenever I visit it. You are brilliant, keep it up!! xxx

Yay for more Aish fanatics! Thank you <3

Anonymous asked: Why does everybody complain about how hard it is to color Kajra Re? Why is it so difficult to color?

I don’t think it’s that bad but it is very purple and the lights change from shot to shot, and most PSDs don’t work on it so you have to play around with it for awhile. The colors become over-saturated very easily and then everyone basically turns red lol

Whenever I gif it, I try to just boost the colors that are already present instead of changing it too much because it’s actually really lovely as is. It’s just a bit tricky!