The Bachchans celebrating the Pink Panthers’ win at a Pro Kabbadi League match in Jaipur

Anonymous asked: FINALLY A BLOG THAT APPRECIATES HER! *Angels singing* Thank you!!!

You’re welcome! Aish appreciaters unite man :D

Anonymous asked: Hi Destini, thank you for Bride & Prejudice reaction gifs. IIRC you also made Action Replayy reactions gifs which are my favorites. Your reaction gifs are the best. Aishwarya has a mobile face and there are lots of reaction gif worthy moments in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Kuch Naa Kaho, Dhoom 2, Robot which aren't gif-ed. Plus she make cute faces in some of her songs, interviews, chat show appearances. It would be nice if ya'll make some gifs from these. :)

…..from…all of them?

Let me start by saying you’re welcome, but I gotta be honest I don’t feel comfortable promising I’ll make that commitment. Brooke has made a lot of individual gifs from these films that would make great reaction gifs, and there’s some lovely reaction gifs from Dhoom 2 in the reaction gif tag.

We may get around to it but just sayin…no promises

Reaction GIFs

Bride and Prejudice

Aish Moving Her Face Slightly in Iconic Songs
 ↳ Crazy Kiya Re

Anonymous asked: i love bride n prejudice gifs. can ya'll make aishwarya's reaction gifs from that film?

lol that movie is gold for reaction gifs with Lalita the Sassmaster. But sure I’ll make that next on my list :)