Anonymous asked: Guys, would you mind making a tag page...? Or at least tagging your stuff with some more general categories...? That would make it easier to navigate during those hours I spend crying over the perfection of this blog... Thanks so much for all your brilliant work, you're the best, btw.

Thanks a ton! Ummm idk if a tag page would work with this theme, but I’ll look into it and see what I can do for ya. 

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Anonymous asked: hi good to see new posts on the blog again. i had requested a couple of gifs, i guess ya'll will make 'em now. and please please please never ever change the sidebar umrao jaan gif. its heartbreakingly beautiful and my fav look of her (even better than devdas, jodhaa)

Well that’s Brooke’s biggest post so I doubt she’ll be chucking it away anytime soon! I don’t think you have much to worry about ;)

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staydopeandstandforyolo asked: Is aishwarya rai doing a movie..... it's been 80 years

It’s been three years, kiddo.

And yes, she’s doing Mani Ratnam’s next, which should start shooting late this summer. There are also a few other projects in the works, but those haven’t been officially announced yet.

Happy 7th Anniversary to Bollywood’s Cutest Couple!

[April 20, 2007] “In some ways, we feel like a newly-married old couple. It feels like we’ve spent our entire lives together, but then it’s still a thrill to wake up in the morning and see her lying next to me.”

Aish Moving Her Face Slightly in Iconic Songs
 ↳ Kajra Re

Anonymous asked: What do you guys look for in Aish gifs if we want a reblog or something? =)

If it’s something I really like, I’ll reblog it.

But generally speaking, I’m not going to reblog every single gif that technically fits this blog, because I like making my own gifs. Whether they’re better or worse than anyone else’s, I don’t know, but I do know that I started this blog and the people involved with it were the first making these sorts of gifs, so I’d rather we keep doing it ourselves.

That’s certainly not meant as a put down to anyone else who follows suit, but…this is sort of ~our thing~ and it’s just more satisfying to gif a scene yourself than to reblog from someone else who’s done it, possibly in a way you wouldn’t have.

This blog is my baby and I’m very protective of it so I’m pickier than I probably should be lol

Anonymous asked: Hola girls! I am in love with this blog. I realized one of the admin also runs koffeewithkaranbitches blog. I was searching for Aishwarya's KWK gifs. There are very few posts. I would be more than happy if ya'll can make Aish's reaction gifs from her KWK episodes. I love this blog, please update it regularly. :)

Done! Sorry it took so long, we (understandably) were really busy on that blog so it took awhile to get to that request. Thank you for your patience!

Aishwarya Rai reaction gifs, season 3