Aish Moving Her Face Slightly in Iconic Songs
 ↳ Crazy Kiya Re

Anonymous asked: i love bride n prejudice gifs. can ya'll make aishwarya's reaction gifs from that film?

lol that movie is gold for reaction gifs with Lalita the Sassmaster. But sure I’ll make that next on my list :)


adityasfro asked: Hi Brooke remember when I thought this blog was called aish moving her faces lightly instead of aish moving her face slightly? I just thought I should share this hahaha.

u so silly

Aishwarya Rai Face Appreciation - ‘Shabd’

Anonymous asked: I have always been a fan of Aishwarya and discovering your blog has made me an even bigger admirer of her. Thank you for this beautiful blog! I always feel happier whenever I visit it. You are brilliant, keep it up!! xxx

Yay for more Aish fanatics! Thank you <3