Aish Moving Her Face Slightly in Iconic Songs
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Anonymous asked: What do you guys look for in Aish gifs if we want a reblog or something? =)

If it’s something I really like, I’ll reblog it.

But generally speaking, I’m not going to reblog every single gif that technically fits this blog, because I like making my own gifs. Whether they’re better or worse than anyone else’s, I don’t know, but I do know that I started this blog and the people involved with it were the first making these sorts of gifs, so I’d rather we keep doing it ourselves.

That’s certainly not meant as a put down to anyone else who follows suit, but…this is sort of ~our thing~ and it’s just more satisfying to gif a scene yourself than to reblog from someone else who’s done it, possibly in a way you wouldn’t have.

This blog is my baby and I’m very protective of it so I’m pickier than I probably should be lol

Anonymous asked: Hola girls! I am in love with this blog. I realized one of the admin also runs koffeewithkaranbitches blog. I was searching for Aishwarya's KWK gifs. There are very few posts. I would be more than happy if ya'll can make Aish's reaction gifs from her KWK episodes. I love this blog, please update it regularly. :)

Done! Sorry it took so long, we (understandably) were really busy on that blog so it took awhile to get to that request. Thank you for your patience!

Aishwarya Rai reaction gifs, season 3

loveislovelylilthings asked: not asking just Thank u 4 ur beautiful posts ♥

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Bollywood Recast  | All About Eve

Small town girl Esha Thakur (Shraddha Kapoor) arrives in Mumbai with a few rupees in her pocket and one goal in mind: to meet her idol, the legendary actress Maya Chopra (Aishwarya Rai). With a little manipulation and a stroke of luck, Esha finds herself on a film set with Kashi Rao (Juhi Chawla), Maya’s closest friend and wife of Bollywood’s biggest producer, Lukesh Rao. Kashi brings Esha face-to-face with Maya, who is charmed by the young girl’s naivete and unassuming nature. Taking Esha under her wing as an assistant, Maya brings her into her inner circle, where Esha meets Maya’s long-time lover, the famous director Bobby Shankar (Randeep Hooda) and entertainment media mogul Ajay Dalal (Irrfan Khan). But living under Maya’s roof, Esha soon realizes that stardom isn’t all it seems. The cracks in Maya’s armor begin to show: she’s just turned 40, and after almost 25 years in Bollywood, she’s beginning to wonder what life will be like after her star has faded. Jaded by a life in the limelight, she’s a complex person who can be equal parts affectionate and sour, accommodating and difficult. Stardom runs through her blood, but what happens to a born star after her career grinds to a halt? And with an eight-year age difference between Maya and Bobby, she begins to suspect that his attentions are waning. When Maya backs out of Bobby’s next project after insisting the she’s not young enough to play the character convincingly, Bobby screen tests Esha, only further confirming Maya’s suspicions.

But is Esha everything she seems? Before Maya’s eyes, she transforms from a sweet girl to an aspiring starlet, studying Maya’s every move. Present at every insider’s party, she inserts herself into Maya’s group of friends and colleagues as if she’d been there all along. She develops a close relationship with Ajay Dalal, feeding him information about Maya and her friends in exchange for his help in jumpstarting her career. She even goes so far as to blackmail Kashi, Maya’s closest confidante, into helping her slip into Maya’s illustrious shoes.

In no time at all, Esha is Bollywood’s most beloved debutante. Bagging her first major award, she looks out at the audience, thanking all those who helped her in her climb to the top: Kashi and Lukesh Rao, whose marriage she has put in jeopardy by Lukesh’s increasing interest in his young ingenue; Bobby Shankar, who gave her her first big break, but who rejected Esha’s advances, making it clear he loved only Maya; and Maya Chopra herself, who watched sweet, young Esha claw her way to the top by selling her soul to Ajay Dalal, and in seeing the limelight finally shift to a younger face, has found the courage to let go of her insecurities, marry Bobby, and begin to enjoy life free of the trappings and politics of show business.

As Esha stands at the podium with an insincere smile plastered to her face, she realizes she’s alienated everyone who could possibly come to care about her. Her career, her entire life, will be controlled by Ajay Dalal, the only other person amoral enough to stand up to her. But wasn’t it all worth it? She’s a star now, after all. No one can take that away from her…until the next beautiful young girl finds her way onto a set with stars in her eyes, ready to take her place.